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Parking Structure Rehabilitation

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Regular concrete breakers can damage rebar and produce vibration that generates microfractures in sound concrete. High-pressure water jets in Hydro Demolition Equipment attack fissures in faulty concrete, preserving sound concrete and leaving it with an excellent texture for new bonding. Robotic systems make water jetting even more productive.

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Structural Slab Replacement

We provide concrete repairs for parking structures, including everything from isolated concrete repairs and total topside removal with hydro-demolition to total slab reconstruction.

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Traffic Topping Application

We believe that one of the most important aspects in protecting the parking structure slab from potentially expensive repairs is the installation of a Traffic Topping System. This installation is crucial in preventing moisture and salt infiltration into the concrete slab to ensure the long-term preservation and durability of the parking structure.

Image of expansion joints
Expansion Joint Installation

Often the first type of failure allowing moisture into the parking slab is at the expansion joints. Key in the design of the parking structure, it is these joints, which allow the possible movement of the slab due to thermal changes, settlement, and in some cases seismic vibration.

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Deck Waterproofing Systems

Hot applied membrane waterproofing systems are designed to provide a reliable and durable waterproofing solution for concrete surfaces. These systems typically involve the use of a hot liquid membrane that is applied to the surface, forming a seamless and protective barrier against water penetration.

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Shotcrete, is a construction technique that involves spraying a mixture of cement, aggregates, and water onto a surface under high pressure. Shotcrete can be used for both new construction and repairs or rehabilitation of existing structures.

Image of waterproofing being applied to a slab
Ramp Heating Systems

When activated, the ramp heating systems generate heat that melts snow and ice on the surface of the ramp or driveway. This helps prevent the accumulation of slippery ice and snow, making the area safer for pedestrians and vehicles.

Building Envelope Restoration

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Precast Panel Repairs
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Caulking Application

Building caulking repairs help maintain the building's energy efficiency, prevent moisture intrusion, enhance air quality, and improve overall structural integrity. It is important to address caulking issues promptly to avoid further damage and potential issues such as water leaks, drafts, or compromised building envelope performance.

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Windows and Doors

Upgrading windows and doors to more energy-efficient models can significantly reduce energy consumption and utility costs. Newer windows and doors often enhance the comfort of residents by reducing drafts, noise infiltration, and temperature variations.

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Brick/Cladding Repairs

Water infiltration can cause significant damage to brickwork and cladding systems. Repairs may include identifying and fixing sources of water entry, repairing or replacing damaged bricks or cladding, and improving waterproofing measures to prevent future water-related issues.

Image of balcony repairs
Balcony Repairs

Balcony repairs refer to the maintenance and restoration work performed on balconies to address various issues such as structural damage, deterioration, or safety concerns.

Image of active curtainwall repairs
Glass Curtainwall

Curtain wall repairs involve the necessary maintenance, restoration, and renovation work performed on curtain wall systems. These systems, commonly found in high-rise buildings, consist of non-structural exterior cladding designed to provide a protective barrier between the building's interior and the external environment.

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Balcony railing and guardrails are important safety features. Repairs may involve fixing loose or damaged railings, replacing broken parts, or ensuring compliance with safety codes and regulations.

Other Services

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Bridge Deck Expansion Joint Systems
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Suite Buildouts

Upgrading apartment suites can make them more appealing to potential tenants. Modern, well-maintained units with desirable features and amenities have a higher likelihood of attracting quality tenants and reducing vacancy rates.

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Electrical and Mechanical Systems