CanMar provides services to a variety of clients such as the government agencies, as well as the commercial, public and private sectors. Our wide range of services include:

        Parking Structure Rehabilitation:

              //   Hydrodemolition
              //   Structural Slab Replacement
              //   Traffic Topping Application
              //   Expansion Joint Installation
              //   Electrical and Mechanical Systems
              //   Painting and Protective Coatings
              //   Deck Waterproofing Systems
              //   Chemical Injection

        Building Envelope Restoration:

              //   Precast Panel Repairs
              //   Caulking Application
              //   Architectural and Elastomeric Coatings
              //   Masonry and Balcony Repairs

        Railings / Window and Door Systems
        Bridge Deck Expansion Joint Systems
        Retail Store Retrofits

    For more detailed infomation on our services please read below, contact our office or fill out our Request Info form to send your inquiries.


    We do complete concrete repairs including everything from isolated concrete repairs and total topside removal with hydro-demolition to total slab reconstruction.


    We believe that one of the most important aspects in protecting the parking structure slab from potentially expensive repairs is the installation of a Traffic Topping System. This installation is key in preventing moisture and salt infiltration within the concrete slab. CanMar is proud to be applicators of the following systems:

          "Sikalastic Duochem" by Sika Canada Inc.
          Kelmar® T.E. & Kelmar® FWC III - by R & D Technical Solutions Ltd.
          Conipur® II Deck Coating System by BASF

    These flexible systems span cracks and allow the structure to move while the system remains waterproof.


    Often the first type of failure allowing moisture into the parking slab is at the expansion joints. Key in the design of the parking structure, it is these joints, which allow the possible movement of the slab due to thermal changes, settlement, and in some cases seismic vibration. CanMar are installers of the following Joint systems that are specifically designed to allow for these movements:

          WF® Systems- by Permaquik Corporation
          Wabo®Crete - by Watson Bowman Acme Corp.

    These joints allow movement while the pre-moulded seal/gland is anchored in place with an elastomeric concrete nosing material.


    CanMar's capabilities encompass building envelope repairs, which include masonry, caulking and balcony slab repairs along with total balcony slab replacement. We also provide balcony slab waterproofing services and exterior concrete coatings.

    In addition, CanMar has the experience required for the installation of new aluminium railing systems, and the replacement of existing aluminium windows and doors.

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