5 & 11 Elm Avenue, Toronto

    CONSULTANT: Trow Consulting Engineers Ltd.

    SCOPE: Balcony repairs, masonry repairs and parking garage roof deck waterproofing

    Protection and hoarding was designed to maintain access for tenants. Due to a lack of roof anchors, a tie-back system was designed to allow multiple swing stages access to the building on opposing drops.
    • concrete balcony repairs including slab-edge, top-side and through-slab
    • balcony waterproofing system installation
    • painting balcony soffits, shear walls and slab-edges
    • brick replacement, tuck pointing and anchor repairs
    • re-waterproofing parking garage roof deck expansion joint upturns
    • interior parking garage concrete repairs
    • Railing, balcony door, and window replacement by Regal Aluminum

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