420 Mill Road, Etobicoke

    CONSULTANT: Construction Control Inc.

    PROJECT VALUE: $1,700,000.00

    SCOPE: Parking Structure Roof Slab Total Removal and Reconstruction

    Total area of work is approximately 45,000 square feet.

    • total removal and replacement of roof slab
    • installation of new expansion joint and waterproofing systems
    • extensive concrete repairs
    • landscaping and paving reinstatement

    Phase I - 2004

    Work began August 3, 2004 with the removal of landscaping, asphalt,
    and existing waterproofing.

    Demolition of the existing slab began in mid August.

    Demolition continued through August and early September.

    Forming began in mid September.

    Forming continued through September into early October.

    Final preperation of formwork and reinforcing steel installation
    began on October 14th.

    Concrete pour for new slab took place on October 19th.

    The forming and shoring are being removed.

    Clean-up of the forming material, and shoring in underground garage
    began the first week of November.

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